Qty/Spindle Spindle/Ctn Qty/Ctn N.W./Ctn G.W./Ctn
100 pcs 6 spindles 600 pcs 9 kgs 10 kgs

Carton size: 39(L) x 26.3(W) x 16.2(H) cm = 0.017 cbm
1 Pallet: 84 cartons/pallet = 50,400 pcs/pallet
20Ft Container: 504,000 pcs (10 pallets) = 840 ctns


Qty/Box 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs
Box/Ctn 24 boxes 12 boxes 6 boxes
Qty/Ctn 600 pcs 600 pcs 600 pcs
G.W./Ctn 13.2 kgs 12.1 kgs 11.7 kgs
Ctn size 45.3 x 30.4 x 22.8 cm 45.3 x 30.4 x 20.3 cm 45.3 x 30.4 x 18.6 cm
Pallet 72 ctn / 43,200 pcs 80 ctn / 48,000 pcs 88 ctn / 52,000 pcs
20Ft Container (10 pallet) 720 ctn / 432,000 pcs 800 ctn / 480,000 pcs 880 ctn / 520,000 pcs


Disc Type 4.7G 1.4G 9.4G
Disc Diameter 120mm 80mm 120mm (Double Sides)
Data Capacity 4.7 GByte (4.37GB) 1.46GByte (1.36GB) 9.4GByte (8.74GB)
Disc Type Consumer General Purpose
Recording Speed 1x - 16x
Dye Type Cyanine or Azo
Recording Wavelengh 650nm Circular Polarization
Numerical Aperture 0.6 +/- 0.01
Scanning Velocity at 1x (for DVD+R only) 3.49 +/- 5m/s (for DVD+R only)
Read Power <1mW
Shelf Life 50 Years (Stored at -20 -50C, <50%RH)
DVD-R Book Version 2.0 General
Stacking Ring Single Sides


Jitter DC <8% <8%
PI8ECC <280 <20
I14M (I14/I14H) >0.60 >0.65
Optimum write power 1x ~8.0 - 10.0mW, 650nm ~9mW +/- 10%
Optimum write power 2x ~14.0 - 16.0mW, 650nm ~10mW +/- 10%
Optimum write power 4x ~18.0 - 20.0mW, 650nm ~12mW +/- 10%
Optimum write power 8x ~20.0 - 25.0mW, 650nm ~13mW +/- 10%
Optimum write power 16x ~28.0 - 35.0mW, 650nm ~18mW +/- 10%
Birefringence .+/- 100nm .+/- 30nm
Tangential Deviation <+/- 0.30 <+/- 0.1
Radial Deviation <+/- 0.8 <+/- 0.15
Reflectivity 45 - 85% 75% +/- 5%
Thickness of Disc 1.20 + 0.30mm / -0.06mm 1.20 + 0.1mm / -0.06mm


CDs are printed with the label Information directly onto the disc. Our standard prices allow for 2 colours printing. You must supply us with colour separated films for this, together with instructions on on which parts of the artwork are to be in which colour, and what the precise colours are (quote the Pantone colour references).
ˇDSilkscreen Printing Specification
ˇDOffset Printing Specification

All copyright documents should be submitted.


DVD-R is a non-rewriteable format and it is compatible with about 93% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs. Standard 120mm ( 60 - 120min. / 4.7GB single sided )
ˇDDVD-R 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 4.7 GB
ˇDOur Low Power Energy mechanism is best fit for duplicator tower


DVD+R is a non-rewritable format and it is compatible with about 88% of all DVD Players and most DVD-ROMs. Standard 120mm ( 60~120min. / 4.7GB single sided )
ˇDDVD+R 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 4.7 GB
ˇDOur Low Power Energy mechanism is best fit for duplicator tower


CD-Recordable, write once-read many disc specified by Orange Book Part II using a pre-stamped, wobbled groove to guide a write laser that irreversibly changes regions of a dye polymer layer to an optically absorbing state. A special drive is required for writing.
ˇDCD-R (12cm) 52x, 700MB, 80 min Silver/Silver and Silver / Light-Blue
ˇDCD-R (8cm) 52x, 200MB, 23 min Silver/Silver and Silver / Light-Blue


DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) heralds a new era of entertainment. For the first time, high-quality digital video as well as surround sound can be delivered to the consumer on a single interactive compact disc. While a DVD disc may be straight-forward in its application, preparing content for DVD as well as authoring and layout - premastering - of 4.7 gigabytes of video and sound, is a profoundly complex process. Much like computer-aided design for circuit board manufacturing which requires sophisticated tools for routing intricate signals on circuit cards, DVD premastering requires tools for encoding and layout of complex data structures which are compacted onto a single-sided 5.25 inch disc.
ˇDDVD-5 stores 4.7 Giga-Bytes and data on 1 side and 1 layer
ˇDDVD-10 stores 9.4 Giga-Bytes and 2 sides and 1 layer


VIDEO-CD is format for films / video on CD. Many film / video titles have now been recorded on VIDEO-CD. The VIDEO-CD is also widely use for educational and advertising purposes. The format can be played on VIDEO-CD players, CD-I players and personal computers equipped with a VIDEO-CD card.


CD-DA stands for Compact Disc Digital Audio. This format can store up to 74 minutes audio.
It is now the recognized format for recording music.


CD-ROM stands for Compact Disc Read Only Memory. This format can store up to 650 megabytes of information, equivalent to a quarter-million typewritten A4 pages or one ton of paper. The format is primarily designed for computer users, offering a convenient and dependable way to access large volumes of information. a few examples of its application are reference books complete with audiovisual illustrations, company related databases, comprehensive manuals and multimedia. The format is also suitable for security copying and filing of information where permanent record is essential. Software that formerly needed numerous floppy-discs to install can now often be packed into a single CD-ROM, which speeds the process of installation. The format requires CD-ROM reader connected to a PC, MACINTOSH or UNIX computer